The 4 biggest swim form blunders (and how to fix them) Part 3: Head position

Welcome to Part 3 of this 4 part blog series. Click here for Parts 1 & 2.

The Blunder: You are looking too far forward.

Why it’s a blunder: When your neck is bent such that you are looking too far forward, you are creating drag while also lowering your hips deeper into the water. In the first picture below, notice how the swimmer’s feet and legs are low in the water and not at the surface, as in the second picture. The second picture almost demonstrates where your eyes should be focused and how this position aligns the rest of your body while in the water.  

In addition to it being poor form, I have found that this head position creates a lower back arch that leads to back pain following each swim session.

The Fix: Think of dropping your chin, tucking it into your chest, and looking down instead of forward. While swimming, this should be your focal point. In a pool, a good way to practice this is to look at the stripe on the bottom of the pool and make sure that you are always able to see it. You are allowed to peek forward from time to time to check on swimmers ahead of you, but your focal point is on the pool floor with a slight gaze ahead.

legs drop.jpg
look down.jpg